Welcome – BTM

After many years of aspirations and wistful discussions, and with many Brachos of the Rebbe (via Igros Kodesh), Yeshivas Bais Toras Menachem was initiated. It opened its doors in Cheshvan 5769/November 2008. A fundamental goal of its founders was to create a program for “in-betweeners”, namely, fine young Bachurim, who, for whatever reason, chose not to go through what has become known as “mainstream Yeshiva”. Yet, these were quality young men who wanted to learn and grow in a Chassidishe environment; they had every ‘right’ to have a program where they could shine and succeed.

Upon joining forces with a similarly focused local start-up Smicha program, the great advantage of learning Smicha, aside from its inherent benefits, became clear… Motivation. When there is a concrete goal to achieve, and it is broken down into segments, the empowerment which comes along with the successful completion of each ‘chelek‘ has a ripple effect on all other aspects of the students’ growth. Celebrating the student’s success after each test becomes a true community Simcha, and is very special to behold. Then, “success breeds success”…the photos of smiling students speak for themselves.

Thus, Bais Toras Menachem joined the ranks of the many Smicha programs already in existence, but with a very unique “mom and pop”, intimate and Heimish structure. Each and every Bachur entering its doors becomes part of the BTM family forever more and knows he will always be thought of fondly.

The rest is history. Now in 2017, Bais Toras Menachem has nearly a decade of experience and is highly regarded as a cutting edge Yeshiva program and a primary choice for those seeking an alternative to the mainstream.

BTM salutes its proud graduates