Testimonials – BTM

Here is a small sample of the testimonials we have had from over the years:

Today, we have the privilege to complete what has been a magnificent journey on our roller-coaster ride to the top of “Rabbi kingdom”. Reminiscing on the past, I say this with the utmost sincerity, these two years have simply been magnificent. In this day and age, it is extremely difficult to find a program that accommodates the needs of all its students. I say students, but Rebbetzin Katz treats us as her own children. She takes time out of her own busy schedule to make certain that we are all accounted for. The administration here at Bais Toras Menachem is simply superb. Without their wholehearted devotion and tireless dedication to this program, I do not know where i would be in life. They instilled within me the proper tools to make it far in life.

– Eli E. Graduate.


“The 2 years I spent in the “Katz Smicha program” as it has fondly come to be known, since Rabbi & Mrs. Mordechai Katz put their whole heart & soul into this Moisad, have been the most productive of my life. Rabbi Chazan is the most wonderful Maggid Shiur ever, and there was a perfect blend of Chassidus, Halacha, and Farbrengens with various ‘choshiv’e members of the L.A.  community. The bachurim in the program bonded as family, and many, such as myself, are BH married and  have embarked upon their  next stage in life to build a ‘Bayis ne’man b’Yisroel’ upon the yesodos of Torah and Mitzvos, and specifically equipped with the practical knowledge gained by obtaining Smicha. Its halachos are now applicable in my day-to-day life, both in my work place & at home.”

– Eli P. Graduate.


“We want to thank you for the Smicha Program you have put together which allowed our son  Yisroel and all our dear boys to have a comfortable setting in which they could  continue learning in a warm Chassidishe environment and to pursue Smicha. You have made this program possible with so much m’siras nefesh (self-sacrifice), devotion, care and warmth to the boys…setting up Farbrengens, forging a lovely ‘family type’ relationship….

– Parents of Yisrael. Y. Graduate.


B’H the nachas is clear

I admire you so much for the work you are doing with the yeshiva and its bachurim. I am so very grateful that BTM exists..the care and attention my son received with you cannot have been surpassed anywhere. It has been such a pleasure hearing his new found commitment to Chassidus and the Rebbe’s teachings!

-Mrs. Rivka D.


A happy parent

I can tell anyone looking for a wholesome unique Yeshiva program for their son to pick up the phone and speak to Rabbi or Mrs. Katz, the time effort and passion they dedicate to this shlichus is hard to describe. My son finally had a positive HAPPY Yeshiva experience which I cannot thank BTM enough for!!


So special..

Wow This Yeshiva has really grown in leaps and bounds. Goes to show that if there is a will there is a way. Thank you for providing such a wonderful platform for today’s Bochurim with an eye open to the future! Hatzlocho Rabba. Yours truly, from the East Coast.


BTM has become an extended family….

As an alumni of Bais Toras Menachem, I can vouch for all the descriptions of this program. It has turned my life around and gave me a new perspective on my own identity, a sense that I belong and am a valuable member of Anash, not in spite of, but BECAUSE of who I am. And I know my colleagues feel the same. The Katz’s and entire staff @ BTM are the most friendly, caring, down to earth and warm hanhala I’ve ever had! If there were more yeshivos/smicha programs out there like it we would have much less bachurim going off the path…



I have to say I’ve witnessed the ‘birth’ of this program from the beginning and it was NOT easy to get off the ground; it was just 2 couples invested in their own son’s chinuch & many brochos from the Rebbe, a strong will, and power of perserverance in spite of many obstacles, and then it snow balled into the viable program it is today. BTM has made a REAL difference in my sons’ life…Yasher Koach!!!



It is wonderful that a Yeshivah such as BTM exists. There are many capable, talented, and intelligent bochurim that can accomplish great things if given the chance. Yeshivahs such as BTM should receive our support. Kol Hakovod to the founders and staff.


What a great moisad!

This sounds like such an important program very needed in Lubavitch…there are many bachurim who fit this type of ‘middle of the way’ category and they deserve a chance to shine and learn Smicha while getting a start on their career life…hopefully many more mosdos will be opened like it. Hatzlacha Rabbah U’muflaga to the staff to continue their important work…


Happy bachurim…

How refreshing it is to see what the result is when bachurim are treated with respect and dignity and given a chance to be successful; they seem very loved and cared for, and that creates a health foundation for all of Yiddishkeit…Kol hakovod!



Mazal Tov to the proud graduates, we know the bachurim and they are amazing, they worked hard and also helped the community a lot. They should be a great source of nachas to their parents the hanhala and surely to the Rebbe!


This Yeshiva is Superb…..

BTM is the perfect Yeshiva for the typical good Chassidish Bochur who just finds that the “so called system” doesn’t “do it for him”. Sitting all day at a Gemora, bearing “knasim”, hardly no extra curriculum activities, can cause a Bochur to feel a) bored b)unmotivated c) no plan for a future in this economically difficult society d) no where to excell or shine unless you have a very strong “Gemora Kup” e) which all brings to unhappiness and unfulfillment..and then lead to a vaccum for ch”v undesired situations. Come to BTM and really learn AND live your learning and prepare yourself B’gashmius and B’ruchniyus for a beautiful tomorrow. ALSO press the donate button so that I”yh we should be able to set up “our soldiers” to conquer the world with Yiddishkeit and Chassidishkeit!

R.T.K. – A fan of BTM


Thank you!!!

Do you want a staff that cares?

Do you want a staff with HEART?

Do you want your son to be motivated ,encouraged and given the resources to advance?

Then Bais Toras Menachem is for YOUR SON.!! Sentiments of grateful parents.

Thanks to all the staff..We truly appreciate all your efforts.

Continued Hatzlocho in bring out the best!!