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Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop Orthodox Young Men into productive members of the Orthodox community. We seek to cultivate each student’s unique character and emotional needs. We offer rigorous Religious studies leading to rabbinic ordination, and we develop our student’s career skills with our partnership with TTI (testing and training international) through which the students will receive a BA or AA Degree alongside their Smicha. We further aim to advance each student’s personal Yiras shamayim and attachment to Chassidishkeit through our dedicated and nurturing shluchim and staff.


The Rebbe has written many letters advising Yeshiva bachurim to complete Smicha prior to marriage to be familiar with the various aspects of the laws pertaining to conducting a Jewish Home. It is also important to know when to consult the expertise of a Rav. At BTM, we offer a world-class Smicha program taught by the renowned HaRav Levi Chazan and ordained by HaRavv Elchanan Tauber, the esteemed Rav of Bais Yehuda and member of Bais Din of Kehilla of Los Angeles.

The Rebbe crafted a statement in Kislev 5729 in response to the question of Smicha for men ages 19-20 (Mikdash Melech, Part three, page 139):

“In the case of good prospects, that there should be bachurim who should be interested in the matter, (to learn and receive Smicha) it is understood that the aforementioned is worthwhile and good”.

Secular Education

The skills our children need

It has become very clear that a secular education is extremely beneficial if not a necessity to provide for a family in the 21st century. Here at BTM we have always sought after a way to provide this and we have BH found one. TTI (/academics/tti/) is a highly accredited program that has partnered with some of the top universities in the country to facilitate frum students to receive a BA without compromising on their environment and standards. We have partnered with them to provide a side-by-side curriculum so that our students will not just walk out with Smicha but a BA in tow! We provide instruction for many of their available courses, and help our students chart an individualized study plan including self-study courses which are worked on under supervision with an aid who can answer questions, and help propel each student forward.


At the core of the Chabad Jewish neighborhood in one of the greatest cities in the United States.