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The Rebbe often emphasized that we should help support our institutions “B’guf, B’nefesh, U’b’mamon” (with our body-physically, with our soul-spiritually, with our money, literally!)

Please choose one item from each category to take part in the incredible z’chus of supporting the Rebbe’s Moisad and answering the most critical call of our times!



  • Volunteer some time to help with mailings/light secretarial work
  • Offer to teach a skill that you specialize in
  • Host on your facilities for student rewards (e.g. weekend retreat, private pool…)
  • Donate gently used items (Tax write off applicable). Such as;
  • A grill
  • Games, Pool Table….
  • Exercise equipment
  • Seforim
  • Kitchen tools and Dinnerware.
  • Furniture


  • Join our ‘Ladies’ Auxiliary committee (Our goal is to create a nucleus for Chabad teens of LA)
  • Host a luncheon or parlor meeting/Fundraiser in your home
  • Offer your home to host a Farbrengen/Melava Malka or Sunday BBQ
  • Invite some Bochurim for Shabbos meals please call or text 323-495-3010


 Click here now to donate and thank you for your generous support.

For donations by mail, please make checks payable to “Bais Toras Menachem” and mail them to:

341 N. Mansfield Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90036



“A Shul should be left with only ONE Sefer Torah to allow sufficient funds for alternative institutions of Torah learning, which is literally “Pikuach Nefesh” in many cases…”

“…without such an option, you are practically forcing a philosophical child to think like a mathematician. Each person should be learning in their way, and thus each person is succeeding and you no longer have those who cannot succeed Chas Va’Sholom.

We need to open many such institutions,  We have to explain to people that we are dealing with a matter of PIKUACH NEFESH”, and as such, if there aren’t sufficient funds, we are required to sell all the Sifrei Torah, until each Shul remains with only one!!!

..such schools are simply more vital than new Sifrei Torah!!

A woman once wrote the Rebbe stating her desire to have a Torah written in memory of a certain individual. The Rebbe answered (Igr”k vol 30, page 92) that if she were to support someone learning Torah, this would be of greater benefit to the Neshuma.

How much more so in our case, when we are talking about saving lives!?!

Parents should realize that if their child is unable to succeed in his current place of learning, even with a little more effort, even if he is in middle of a semester, he should be moved immediately!”

                                                     —Excerpt from an article written by Rabbi Yosef Heller, Rov and Rosh Kollel of Crown Heights

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