Yeshivas Bais Toras Menachem (BTM), in partnership with TTI College, is introducing a unique program this year that will allow its students to earn Smicha and a Bachelor’s degree simultaneously. This is the first such program on the West coast!

Since its establishment in November 2008,  well over a hundred  BTM graduates have completed their Smicha studies, acquired marketable skills, gotten married and are currently utilizing their skills to support their families.

This year’s partnership with TTI, however, will bring BTM to a new level. Previously, the yeshiva primarily offered vocational training, such as business management or computerized accounting. Now, the students can earn a Bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts or Business,  incorporating into their degree; finance, information technology, and marketing. Through TTI, the students will receive credits not only for the secular, but also for the limudei kodesh courses, and will be able to complete their degree in two years. After Graduation, students may continue to earn their Master’s degree through TTI, or go on to another graduate school.

BTM is very excited about this new opportunity. “We are raising the bar this year,” says Mrs. Katz. “We want our students to feel confident in today’s job market.”

TTI is partnered with the following accredited universities to make sure that you are never turned down because of where you studied:

  • Excelsior College
  • Daemen College
  • New York Institute of Technology (NYIT)
  • University of Cincinnati
  • Bramson Ort College
  • Nova Southeastern University

Click here and here for more information and here for the official TTI website.